Trade like a hedge fund by copying our trades automatically & make money while you are asleep!

This Programme is Limited by Quota.



Zero up-front commission/Fees. We offer a transparent profit sharing scheme, and we charge only 35% of net profit made on your account every week.

Up to 40% average monthly return, based on reliable data and solid track record of the past 7 years. Track record verified by third party Myfxbook. Real time track record is also available upon request.

100 % fully automated intelligent trading robot that decides and executes trades by analyzing the market condition and implementing proper risk management.

Funds in your own account, under your own name and fully under your own control.

No Commitment Required. Exit and withdraw anytime!

Assigned dedicated account manager to each registered accounts. Your account manager will set up your account and respond to inquiries. You do not need to do anything!

24/5 up time guarantee. your account will be installed on our powerful dedicated servers to run trades 24/5 without any  interruptions and delays for free.

Our Track Record

Track Record Fully Verified By: 


For the past 15 years since the start of our humble trading business, we have been researching, analysing and studying the market constantly to assure that we always have an edge over the market. We do not believe that one can consistently beat the market and make profit but we do believe that with passion and hard work one can win this battle with the market and make a sustainable return. We have set realistic goals and were able to achieve them. The core of our automated trading systems is risk-management. 

Below is the statement of one of our trading accounts.

"Upon request we can provide you with the password to one or more of our live trading accounts that are currently running on our automated trading system to boost transparency and help you have a clear idea of its performance over the years.

(NET PROFIT of $123,000 FROM $10, 000 in less than 2.5 years)

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Once you have registered for our automated trading plan, we will install our robot on the Metatrader platform offered by your broker, then we will download your trading account platform (Metatrader) on our dedicated servers to assure that our robot can run the trades automatically 24/5 with no interruptions. 


It is completely FREE to join. We charge nothing in advance such as commission, installation fee, server fee and so on. We believe the profit sharing strategy is the most fair and  transparent strategy for our clients. Thus, we only charge a 35% performance fee (35% of net profit generated).

We make profit only if you make profit, so we make sure every single account is fully monitored and optimised by our team to generate the best possible outcome. In fact we make no money and even bear all the costs (server &  maintenance cost) till your account generates money and then only we will issue an invoice equals to the 35% of the net profit made on your account. 


No commitment required and you can stop the robot and opt out anytime you decide to do so.

Up to 40% Average Monthly Return Backed by Solid 7 Years of Track Record. 

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Fully Automated Intelligent Trading Plan That Trades While You Are Sleeping.

No Commission / Fee Charged in Advance.

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Result Oriented Profit Sharing Scheme. We only charge a 35% performance fee.
Individually Tailored Advisory Services to Respond to All Client's Inquiries 


Check their live statements 

Mr. Moh***.K

" I like this automated system, it trades every day and generates profit almost every day so it keeps me entertained. It makes a reasonable profit every month, not too much, but not too little as well, so I am happy so far. Thank You"

Mr. Miri***.M

"Very helpful and friendly staff and my account generates profit!"


Accepted Payments-Pip Academy
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Contact us if you prefer any other payment options other than the ones mentioned above* T&C applies.




In order to ensure efficiency and quality, this service is limited by quota and it is only offered to live account traders. In order to be able to take advantage of this service all you have to do is to follow a few simple steps below.

Have a Validated Live Trading Account With a Broker That Offers Metatrader Platform.
Maintain a Minimum Balance of $10,000 or Equivalent Available in Your Account.
Submit the Application form, and We Will Handle if From There to Get Your Account Up and Running.



In order to join Pip Academy automated trading plan, you need to have a validated account with a broker that offers Metatrader platform with a fair and transparent trading condition. Your broker should allow all trading strategies including automated trading. We will review your broker before signing you up for the programme to assure that our automated trading system will run with no issues. If you are not sure whether your broker allows automated trading or has Metatrader platform please contact us through the available channels and we will look it up for you.


Alternatively, you can open a trading account with the brokers that we recommend. These brokers have been tested with our automated trading plan already. 


Risk Warning: : Trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

STEP 2) We Recommend to Maintain a Minimum Balance of $5000 or Equivalent in Other Currencies.


One of the core strength of our trading plan is its ability to manage the risk effectively. It takes into consideration number of factors such as market volatility and condition to calculate and decide on each trade lot size. Therefore, we recommend you to maintain a minimum balance of $2000 or its equivalent in other currencies in your account.

STEP 3) Register to Join By Filling Up the Form Below

Please submit the form below and we will get your account up and running in no time.



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