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Unlike many traditional online games, which operate on a “pay-to-win” model and allow players to purchase upgrades to advance, GameFi introduces a “play-to-earn” model. These games give players opportunities to earn while playing the game. This has allowed gamers to make a full-time income, and even in some cases, earn more than their day jobs by doing so.

All objects in these types of games are expressed as NFTS. NFTS are unique digital collectibles on the blockchain. You can sell your in-game NFTs to other collectors and players and even earn tokens with play-to-earn models.

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A Pokemon-inspired universe where players can buy, take care of, breed, and trade digital monsters called “Axies.” Axie Infinity uses its own uniquely built sidechain so that it can optimize gameplay and scale effectively.
The game has a high earning potential but requires high involvement to breed, care for, and trade rare or unique Axies. These monsters can battle each other to earn SLP tokens or be sent on quests for resource farming.

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Zed Run is a digital horse racing platform; several such events occur every hour, seven days a week. Owners pay modest entry fees — usually between $2 and $15 — to run their horse against 11 other horses for prize money. First place takes 60% of the prize pool; the second takes 25%, and the third 15%. 
Just like the real world, you can also breed two (2) racehorses together and produce new offspring to enter in races and create a stable full of racehorses. Breeding is another way for you to generate a yield.

What Do You Need To Start?

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