The Ultimate Path to Trading 

We at Pip Academy are passionate about helping new traders to start their journey of trading smoothly. We as a group of passionate traders ourselves understand the confusion, hardships, and challenges that a new trader would face, so we are here to help to remove the barriers for new traders. We are passionate to share our accumulated skills and experiences that we gained over a number of years to pave the path for new traders.


Our story started exactly 10 years ago when we decided to trade for life and make trading as a fulltime job.

All we had was a vision to be financially independent and not to live just like another corporate slave.

 It was of course never easy, there were nights that we had to stay up in order not to miss trade opportunities. And there were days that we were frustrated because of bad trades and losses.

Just like any other new traders, we were searching days and nights for the so-called "The Holy Grail" system or that one perfect strategy to continuously makes us money, but the further we went down this path we realized there is no such thing exists. Sadly!

We realized if we are truly serious about making the business of forex trading works for us, we have to

re-condition our minds to change such belief that a secret mysterious trading system somewhere on the internet can cautiously make us money with no risk.

We realized that in order to succeed in the business of trading first we have to learn how to survive in this brutal market by implementing effective and realistic strategies and then only start thinking about outperforming the market. 

We realized that the world we live in somehow has conditioned most people to consistently lose money in the market, and one of the main reasons is because many new traders are considering trading as a get-quick-rich business.

Therefore, We learned to consider and treat trading just like any other business.

We learned to control our emotions and stay realistic.

We learned to let go of bad trades and losses.

We learned not to hold grudges against the market.  

We learned there will be losing trades and winning trades.

We learned not to get carried away with the winning trades.

We learned not to gamble and rely on our luck.

We learned to educate ourselves continuously in order to have an edge over the market.

We learned...and We learned...and We learned...!


After all, today we are very proud to say that 2018 was the 4th year in a row that we were able to consistently beat the market with an average monthly return of 19%.

And now our mission is to share our accumulated experience and knowledge with the new aspiring traders to shorten their learning curve. 



"Your Life is What Your Thoughts Make it."

(Marcus Aurelius)